Leon Rainbow’s roots are deep in graffiti. He tries to honor the culture and keep a well rounded Graffiti practice. He enjoys working with lettering, backgrounds and characters. All aspects of fine art are present in these pieces: Layout, Composition, Color Theory, Perspective, Shading. Many of the pieces are part of a “production” larger pieces that are painted by multiple artists with a cohesive look.

Recent Graffiti Pieces


“Over the years, Leon Rainbow has assisted in developing a great sense of community pride within the Garden State with his mastery of Aerosol Graffiti Art. Beautification over run-down urban walls now glistens with vibrant colors and murals that take over forgotten neighborhoods. To many, this might not seem much, but to those that count, it signifies a positive beginning to change and that is all that some people need. Keep up the great work!!”

Edwin L. Santana

Retired Morris County Sheriff's Office: B.O.C.

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