I was invited to be a part of The Indigenous Walls Project Intertribal Graffiti Jam is the first Urban Intertribal Jam in the country and is hosted in 2022 on the Land of the Anigiduwagi in Asheville, NC. I was one of 12 Indigenous Graffiti Artists that were selected to create murals.

Had a great time rockin in #Asheville for @indigenouswallsproject it was an honor to represent #quechantribe as part of this #indigenous art event. For the main wall I worked with @elninoperdido and @missesmorningstar . We worked with the theme “use your medicine” to represent a reminder to practice your spiritual practices. They rocked the smudge stick and I did the ceremonial rattle. Then I painted some #rapletters @vyalone painted the door . All and all we had a great time I am grateful 🙏 to be a part of the 12 Indigenous artists chosen to participate in the event. Asheville was so hospitable and inviting with beautiful fall colors. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.
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