“The Good Life” Perring Plaza, Baltimore, MD 250ft x 25ft. A celebration of Life within Baltimore and the surrounding area. Our intention is to use imagery that invokes happy memories, hanging out with friends, skating, swinging, or sticking your first wheelie on a bicycle. Infusing local iconography as well as color, shapes, and forms that reflect harmony and community connectedness. Essentially our goal for this mural “The Good Life” is to induce the idea of self-confidence through playfulness. Vividly reminding us how important it is to play, explore communicate and grow, together, with longevity.
Alicia Cosnahan, Leon Rainbow, Maxx Moses

Completed Mural

Collaboration is a beautiful thang especially when the individuals act as a seamless unit. It took us 18 days to complete this project. Our experience, preparation, and vision provided a platform for a highly successful experience. In my younger days, I would have pushed myself and others to finish this project quickly. But maturity has gifted me the wisdom to approach these projects holistically. Including days off, continuous exercise, and plenty of time for laughter and connection. This #artlife is so enriching not only for the creators but also the spectators. The interaction that takes place during the mural-making progress between the community and the artists is an eternal love affair… all I ask is that I may be forever grateful for my gifts to share.

Caption by Maxx Moses 


 Mural by @maxxmoses777 @aerosoleon @decoydc