This project was in partnership with Rider University’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion and Artworks Trenton. These walls are a product of a site-specific mural project including collaboration among three artists, three Rider students, and three Trenton students, as well as feedback from current students utilizing the Center. Led by Senior Artist Leon Rainbow, along with Assistant Artists David Gillespie & Marlon Davila, Rider students – Bridget Gum, Jerome Manning, Faith Weiser, and Trenton students – Vanessa Barragan-Luna, Sha’ni Parker, Hainslye Peralta, virtually participated in three online sessions focusing on the history and background, styles, and techniques; design; and composition. All artists and the six participating students then collaboratively sketched several renderings, which incorporated symbolism, color, and concepts provided from student feedback. The finished product are the Center’s three main walls popping with exuberant colors and symbols. The intention of this project is to make every Rider student from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed, inspired, and proud to be their authentic selves and to inspire leaders committed to promoting equity and inclusion on campus and in the world.

Artworks Trenton & Rider University’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion would like to thank the following entities:

Leon Rainbow, Senior Artist

Marlon Davila, Assistant Artist

David Gillespie, Assistant Artist

Bridget Gum, Rider Student

Jerome Manning, Rider Student

Faith Weiser, Rider Student

Vanessa Barragan-Luna, Trenton Student

Sha’ni Parker, Trenton Student

Hainslye Peralta, Trenton Student

Rider Focus Group Participants

Dr. Pamela Pruitt, Executive Director, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Rider University

Dr. Leanna Fenneberg, Vice President of Student Affairs, Rider University

Lauren Otis, Executive Director, Artworks Trenton

Jesse Vincent, Education & Public Project Manager, Artworks Trenton

Josue Lora, Videographer & Photographer, Lora Productions

Alicea Eskeitz, Assistant Videographer & Photographer, Lora Productions

Alex Garcia, Assistant Videographer & Photographer, Lora Productions

Edgar Osorio, Assistant Videographer & Photographer, Lora Productions

Umoja Robinson, Assistant Videographer & Photographer, Lora Productions

Dana Koeppel, Marketing, Colart