The ASYSST Summer Camp 2023, alongside local talented artist Leon Rainbow, completed the wall mural in EHS over the course of their five-week summer camp. The summer participants, guided by Mr. Rainbow, brainstormed ideas, mapped the graphics and began painting their masterpiece. The ASYSST mural is meant to inspire mental health awareness and key protective factors; reminding students to take a Breath, THINK, and to have a positive mindset! Painting the mural was the highlight of the summer for many of the participants and staff as well. After completion, the area was blocked off for a grand mural unveiling.

On the last day of ASYSST Summer Camp 2023, the mural was unveiled by the artist, ASYSST staff, and summer participants. The mural served as background to the ASYSST End of Summer Celebration which served our summer campers, family, friends, Mr. Rainbow our honored guests, as well as EHS staff and supporters. The event was a huge success and the product is a beautiful masterpiece that will stand the test of time. Not only will the mural serve as a reminder to the students who helped paint, but go on to serve as a visual representation of mental health and stability. If you find yourself at EHS for any reason, especially current students and staff, please stop by to see the mural! It is located outside of the ASYSST Main Hub (room 100), in the corridor of Door 2 at Ewing High School.