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Jersey Fresh 2010 Wrap Up!

Yo the jam was nuts! Best yet in my opinion. Thanks to my crew, Vicious Styles..For all the hard work behind the scenes.. Demer, Azma, Kasso, Delve, Mek, Pro,Ras & Col.
To all the crews That came Out..PFE, Bronx Team, Sage Collective, SM, MTA, Fresh Collective, 1134, KGB, SCK, FUA, ATC..
Thanks to all the Performers: Wise Intelligent, Black Collar, Roebus One, Surg and Hellfire, Rhymageddon, Rek, Hustle MC, Heroes Annoymous, The Funktastiiks, Timid Roosevelts, To Live and Die in NJ,esecially the DJ..and any I missed..
Sponsors: Albus Cavus, Content Trenton,Destination Trenton, Frank 151, MicroJazz, Dentz Design..Terracycle for being such gracious hosts.


Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam Featured On CNN

Trenton Times



Khris Davenport

Destination Trenton

David Alan Costantini Jr

Rachel Rivenburg

Christopher Crane


Art All Night 2010 Wrap Up

Art All Night 2010 was incredible! ..Here are the press, picture links, and blogs I have collected if anyone would like their links added to this page email me at:



Grounds For Sculpture Car Project Featured In NY Times

N.Y. / Region
From the Street, but Domesticated
Published: June 17, 2010
Works by Keith Haring and Chakaia Booker, on display in Hamilton, suggest that the market tends to tame the mischief of street art.

In Action Shot by Ricardo Barros,

Photos by Andrew Wilkinson,

Saturday, June 5, Will Kasso and Myself were invited to paint a car at the Grounds for Sculpture. We were very excited about this project being that the Grounds is such a special place and a great art institution. It was surreal with the sculptures and peacocks running around. Turned out crazy the car will be on display for at least the rest of the month. So if your in the neighborhood drop by.
Excerpt from original press release:
Grounds For Sculpture will paint a car! Gratuitous of a vehicle
donation by Suburban Wrench of Pennington, NJ, Grounds For Sculpture will conduct a very special demonstration as local graffiti artists Leon Rainbow and Will “Kasso” Condry invoke the spirit of popular avaunt garde artist Keith Haring and the iconic occasion in 1982 when Haring painted a BMW. Experience this unconventional art piece come to colorful life in a modern day variation!

Spring Jam 2k10 After Math!

Wow! Great event, one of my favorite Streets 2k Events..Here are the picture links and blogs I have collected if anyone would like their links added to this page email me at:

PICTURES ON FACEBOOK!/album.php?aid=430351&id=495968895251!/album.php?aid=15974&id=107423162610933&ref=nf


Featured on

blurring the lines between fine art and graffiti – to mainstream or not?

the bright and emboldened colors of street art speak the truth or protest that many inner city dwellers aren’t capable of articulating (not necessarily a result of lack of education or smarts). when the sun goes down and the street lights come up, the spotlight is on urban art forms and what messages their makers will bring.

as the exaggerated images and emphasized hues peak out amongst brick and mortar, the battle between the law and the artists rages on. in the center of the cat-and-mouse game of taggers dodging arrest and the boys in blue trying to nab misfits for defacing property, is the ongoing debate that transitioning ones art into the legal realm is nothing short of selling out, “nothing done legally is graffiti,” Leon Rainbow of Trenton, New Jersey by way of San Jose California. he is a graffiti artist turned professional muralist that’s been using his talents since the mid 90’s. “I mean, people look down on you when you’re a graffiti artist that becomes successful,” he says of artists who are hired professionally to design for various companies, “you’re going to be called a sellout.”

words spoken with deliberate irony, as Rainbow has been hired for his design work for Velocity 17, a virtual arcade and roller skating rink out of Maywood, NJ, “I think more graffiti work will be done legally,” Rainbow says of the mainstreaming of graffiti, “fines are getting higher and penalties are getting harsher.” he goes by the pen name Rain and is is responsible for vivid art that both celebrates the art itself and its potential. his signature style can even be seen on the skin of voluptuous models that sport his signature bold style in avant garde photo shoots.

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Wash Post Weekend

Read about MuralsDC Program that has created over 20 murals around the city over the last two years. Written by Ann Cameron Siegal, it features all the participating organizations and artists, but Chor Boogie’s piece from our wall on Sherman Ave made it on the cover of the Weekend section. All photos taken by our student Mika Altskan. You will be able to meet all the artists who worked on the “Seasons in the City” mural tonight at our Albus Cavus Classroom Fundraiser in The Fridge at 8pm. Read the story here.

Featured in the Leader Newspaper

By Alexis Tarrazi / Senior Reporter

(Jan. 6, 2010, 4:40 p.m.) — On a recent late afternoon, as the sun set on the underbelly of the dingy and dimly lit Route 3 overpass in East Rutherford, vibrant markings from a graffiti artist caught their final rays of illumination.

The illegal murals are permanently displayed on pylons that hold up the bridge over the Thomas E. Dunn Memorial Highway and NJ Transit train tracks. Some consider the work to be art, some a way to gain notoriety through tagging and others see it as vandalism.

Others believe it’s all of the above.

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