ML:  Can you tell us a little bit about the backdrop here?

LR:  The “Big Head” was a real fun piece for me. I love incorporating the environment into my pieces. I came around the corner taking a pee break one day and I was like damn those windows could be glasses.

ML:  What influences your art the most?

LR:  I think that my environment really influences my art. Living in an urban place like Trenton keeps things real for me.  I try to keep a little grit in all my pieces.  Also, painting with different people really teaches me a lot.  I have learned most of what I know from other graffiti artists.

ML:  Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists?

LR:  I really like to collaborate with different artists.  It makes it fun and when done well it brings the strengths and styles of different artists together to create a stronger piece of art than could be done alone. One thing I have learned from years of collaborating is that not everyone can work together.  It helps to have similar artistic visions or a willingness to be open minded and adaptive.