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Featured On CNN

Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam Featured On CNN
“Business Owner Encourages Graffiti”
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You’ve seen graffiti on subway cars and roadways, but is it art? One New Jersey businessman thinks so.

Featured in the Leader Newspaper

By Alexis Tarrazi / Senior Reporter

(Jan. 6, 2010, 4:40 p.m.) — On a recent late afternoon, as the sun set on the underbelly of the dingy and dimly lit Route 3 overpass in East Rutherford, vibrant markings from a graffiti artist caught their final rays of illumination.

The illegal murals are permanently displayed on pylons that hold up the bridge over the Thomas E. Dunn Memorial Highway and NJ Transit train tracks. Some consider the work to be art, some a way to gain notoriety through tagging and others see it as vandalism.

Others believe it’s all of the above.

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TerraCycle’s 3rd Annual Worm Poop Factory Graffiti Jam took place on Saturday and Sunday September 30th and October 1st. It featured live painting done by over 50 graffiti artists from as far as Washington, D.C., Texas, Virginia and upstate New York. The art event was held by TerraCycle to have an event which was open to the public that both beautified the neighborhood and raised community spirit.