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Freestyle Fridays Week #41

A few weeks ago I went to panera bread to get some take out.  when I left they gave me this bag that has a baguette pattern printed on it. I knew at that moment I had to paint it! I first tried some water color, which really didn’t change the color the way I had hoped. So I got out the acrylics. using the pattern I filled in all the sections letting some areas show thru. Next I did a quick sketch of a character in black. I made sure when I painted it to follow the pattern but change the color and shade.

First Step Water Color
Pattern with sketch
Finished Piece "Bad Bread Man"

Freestyle Fridays Week #31

This week I waited until the last minute to rock this joint. So I decided to work with spray paint. I did the first few layers with streaks, blurrs, and dots. Colors are important  at this stage. I used all bright colors to off set the  Black and White piece to come later. Filled and outlined the piece with acrylic. Detailed with a Gold and a Red paint marker.

Lil Spray over an old sketch
Some blends, dots and streaks
fill in with acrylic paint
Finished Piece "White Rain"

Freestyle Fridays Week #30

Back to Basics! Started out with some craft paint and a cheap foam brush. I worked in some basic shapes allowing the Greens and Blues to mix together. Rocked the Trenton Makes with Painters and created an abstract design around it. I decided it needed a character and I added in the face. Next rocked his hand with a spray can. Filled Everything in at least twice. “Trenton Makes..Graffiti”

The Setup Craft Paint, Foam Brush, Aluminum Foil
Basic Shapes in the Background
Painters, Trenton Makes, Abstract
Adding a Lil Character
Finished Piece "Trenton Makes..Graffiti"

Freestyle Fridays Week #21

With the Black Light Show Coming Up Next Friday, I decided to do a black light piece for this weeks freestyle friday. I started out by adding  a few layers of Fluorescent Acrylic. Then adding all the solid outlines in acrylic paint markers. Next I misted some Fluorescent Spray paint on top. **When I put it under the black light I realized the misting minimized the previous outlines so I went back over some of them.

Adding Some Designs In Fluorescent Paint
Another Layer Of Fluorescent Paint
Week 21 Finished Piece "Fluorescent Raindrops"
Finished Piece Under A Black Light!