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Freestyle Fridays Graffiti Paper Edition

Last Weekend I participated in the Estria Battle NYC, in Brooklyn. At the Battle we all got this Graffiti Paper from Cresent Paper. They also used it for the James Top Blackbook Competition. I met the rep and she was very cool. I have worked with many papers and I was a bit skeptical about using spray paint and markers on it. I also use water color so lets throw that in. When I cracked the paper I noticed it was very smooth. I did two test pieces the results are:

Watercolor and Ink Pens

(little bit of wrinkling normal with water color)

Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint

(took it like a champ some bubbling etc..from using different spray paints)

Finished Piece
Finished Piece adding oil and water based paint markers
Piece 2: Start off with Water color and Ink pens
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Finished it off with Poscas and Painters
Finished it off with Poscas and Painters

The Graffiti Paper Passed with Flying Colors!! Took whatever and came back for more !!Great Product!!


freestyle FRIDAYS 50/100 Holiday Show

FreeStyle Fridays 50/100 Holiday Show Flyer presents
freestyle FRIDAYS
50/100 Holiday Show

Holiday Art Show of 50+ original pieces of artwork from my “Freestyle Fridays” Series. All Pieces

From The Series Will Be $100 or Less! Great Deals For The Holidays! Most Pieces Are 9″ x 12″, Mixed Medium.

Check out the pieces at

DEC 15, 2010-JAN 4,2011
OPENING:   DEC 10, 2010

Cafe Ole
126 S. Warren St
Trenton, NJ 08611

For More Info:

Freestyle Fridays Week #44

This week I decided to revisit a piece I did in ’99 called “Vandalism In Progress”, The concept was to catch the motion of a tag in one piece, In a Cubist sort of way. I sketch the different hand poses out, over laying them on top of each other. Then I filled in with Water Color. Added highlights and outlines with Gouache. Went back in with some colored pencil to finish them off.

Colored Pencil Sketch

Added Some WaterColor
Finished Piece "Vandalism in Progress" 2010

Freestyle Fridays Week #43

Got my oil changed yesterday at STS when I was waiting I looked through the Magazines and saw a picture of a stone statue in the middle of a rain forest. As soon as I saw it I grabbed a sharpie and started a quick sketch. When I got home I cleaned up the sketch and added some water color and colored pencil work to it.

First Sketch in Sharpie and Blue Pencil
Finished Piece "Totem"

Freestyle Fridays Week #42

This is a quick piece I did using spray paint and acrylic some paints react differently with different markers.  I had the black and white canvases for a while and did the black and silver background. I decided that I wanted the background more colorful and the letters to be simpler and more subdued. I took the pieces outside and gave them a few squirts of  paint. I let it dry overnight Then rocked the piece with paint markers.

Old black and silver background (2 pieces)
New Colorful Background (2 pieces)
Week 42 Finished Piece "Saks"

Freestyle Fridays Week #41

A few weeks ago I went to panera bread to get some take out.  when I left they gave me this bag that has a baguette pattern printed on it. I knew at that moment I had to paint it! I first tried some water color, which really didn’t change the color the way I had hoped. So I got out the acrylics. using the pattern I filled in all the sections letting some areas show thru. Next I did a quick sketch of a character in black. I made sure when I painted it to follow the pattern but change the color and shade.

First Step Water Color
Pattern with sketch
Finished Piece "Bad Bread Man"