Jersey Fresh 2010 Wrap Up!

Yo the jam was nuts! Best yet in my opinion. Thanks to my crew, Vicious Styles..For all the hard work behind the scenes.. Demer, Azma, Kasso, Delve, Mek, Pro,Ras & Col.
To all the crews That came Out..PFE, Bronx Team, Sage Collective, SM, MTA, Fresh Collective, 1134, KGB, SCK, FUA, ATC..
Thanks to all the Performers: Wise Intelligent, Black Collar, Roebus One, Surg and Hellfire, Rhymageddon, Rek, Hustle MC, Heroes Annoymous, The Funktastiiks, Timid Roosevelts, To Live and Die in NJ,esecially the DJ..and any I missed..
Sponsors: Albus Cavus, Content Trenton,Destination Trenton, Frank 151, MicroJazz, Dentz Design..Terracycle for being such gracious hosts.


Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam Featured On CNN

Trenton Times



Khris Davenport

Destination Trenton

David Alan Costantini Jr

Rachel Rivenburg

Christopher Crane


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3 thoughts on “Jersey Fresh 2010 Wrap Up!”

  1. The whole event as Amazing! My son and I spent a few hours in the beginning and then a few hours in the end. It was astonishing to watch the progress and see such a rich environment filled with fabulous energy! Just amazing! Thanks!

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