Vicious Styles Art Class 2014

This Graffiti Art Class (originally developed by Pose Two) was created to teach and explore the history styles and techniques of the art form called graffiti. This class will follow a similar format and be taught by members of the Vicious Styles Crew.

Instructors: Leon Rainbow, Will Kasso, Joe Base, Demer, Mek, Snow, Ras, Delve, and Surprise Guests!

Where: Terracycle, 121 New York Ave, Trenton, NJ 08608

When: Saturdays, 10:00am – 11:30am

Cost: $180 3 sessions (pre-registered)/ $75 1 session (pre-registered) / $20 each class (day of)

Some Supplies may be donated, we will have blackbooks markers., etc for sale on site.


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Art All Night 2013

Yeah its that time again..Art All Night! June 15th 3pm until June 16th 3pm

Graffiti College with Leon Rainbow
Time: Saturday 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Demo Area
Description: West Coast born but Trenton-bred artist Leon Rainbow is as known for his signature style as he is for his teachings in the traditional styles and techniques of the urban art form known as of graffiti. Follow Leon as he performs a live graffiti demo and offers techniques and tips on traditional styles and methods as well as using graffiti as a positive method of urban beautification. – See more at: http://www.artworkstrenton.org/artallnight/activities.htm#sthash.te8xkmTP.dpuf

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Featured in Bucks Life Magazine


Where Everything Fails, Art Takes Root
By Scott Edwards

It’s still raw and very much in a formative stage, but a surprisingly-large, and growing, community of artists is establishing the sort of presence in Trenton that was starting to feel unimaginable. More improbable still, it’s not a hostile takeover in the name of some short-term attention. Just the opposite, in fact.

The unemployed mill about Trenton’s East Hanover Street, creating the impression, upon first sight, that something’s about to happen. But it’s the middle of a prematurely-darkening Wednesday afternoon in February, so it’s clear, once the senses settle, that nothing will.
Parking meters flash beside a dozen cars. They’re the most modern detail of the block. Many of the decaying, three-story, brick and concrete buildings that flank the street haven’t been inhabited for years. How long before an abandoned building is boarded up?

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Shut The F**k Up & Paint

About the Exhibit

Leon Rainbow is definitely one of the most prolific artists in the central Jersey fine art and graffiti scenes. His work is widespread – from street art to murals to commercial pieces, you gotta admire Leon for his hustle as much as his art. His art is great too – fresh, original, ambitious, and infused with that strange sense of humor that Rainbow always brings around. This exhibit will be a retrospective of his works from 1999-2013, a rare chance to see a large collection of his work in one place.


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Trenton NJ Graffiti Muralist Graphic Artist