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Freestyle Fridays Week #37

I did this weeks Freestyle Friday, I experimented with a scratch art project. I had my program try this one out. First I layered the crayon on thick. Then painted over the whole thing with Tempra Paint. Last I scratched in the design. This could still use some work. I may switch the Tempra with Acrylic.

Crayon Underlay
Finished Piece "Made from Scratch"

Freestyle Fridays Week #36

This week I took more time detailing and designing the initial sketch. I did 2 sketching sessions of building and blending. I then splashed on some water colors randomly blending them together. I let that dry and then I filled in some of the shapes to fill it out. Finally, I went in with an ink pen and detailed the main figure.

First Sketch
Final Piece "Stranger"

Freestyle Fridays Week #35

This week I sketched out some ideas I had for a create and destroy wall. This piece is focused on create.  I unified the letters for create with the background and vise versa. I used water colors and water colorpencils for the next step. To finish it off I tightened it up with ink pens and colored pencil

Initial Sketch
Water Colors!
Finished Piece "Create"

Freestyle Fridays Week #34

This weeks Freestyle Friday is just the way that I work out concepts and letter styles.
I work out a lot of designs and structures at the wall on site. But working out some of the ideas
and treatments before hand lets me get a clearer picture and also gives me something to show the people I am workinhg with. Each design or effect could be for one letter, a whole piece or whole background.

In Serch Of Some New Styles

Freestyle Fridays Week #33

I started this sketch a couple weeks ago but with the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam coming up I let it sit. Started out wit some mechanical drawings in colored pencil. Added some water color filling in areas, but also blending, and splashing.
Added a skull with ball point pen as the main image tried to keep it translucent. Finished it with some shading with water color and colored pencil.

First Sketch
adding some color
Finished Piece "Translucent Skull"

Freestyle Fridays Week #31

This week I waited until the last minute to rock this joint. So I decided to work with spray paint. I did the first few layers with streaks, blurrs, and dots. Colors are important  at this stage. I used all bright colors to off set the  Black and White piece to come later. Filled and outlined the piece with acrylic. Detailed with a Gold and a Red paint marker.

Lil Spray over an old sketch
Some blends, dots and streaks
fill in with acrylic paint
Finished Piece "White Rain"

Freestyle Fridays Week #30

Back to Basics! Started out with some craft paint and a cheap foam brush. I worked in some basic shapes allowing the Greens and Blues to mix together. Rocked the Trenton Makes with Painters and created an abstract design around it. I decided it needed a character and I added in the face. Next rocked his hand with a spray can. Filled Everything in at least twice. “Trenton Makes..Graffiti”

The Setup Craft Paint, Foam Brush, Aluminum Foil
Basic Shapes in the Background
Painters, Trenton Makes, Abstract
Adding a Lil Character
Finished Piece "Trenton Makes..Graffiti"