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Freestyle Fridays Week #28

So I needed to do a new UV piece for the so I took some larger paper. I decided to use the piece with the coffee see if I could rock over it. Took it in the backyard because I new I was gonna be a bit messy for the first few layers. Added a few messy layers with UV paint and water. Then added some mists and tags with fluorescent spray paint. Took it in the house and added some watercolor and colored pencil.

Dirty Paper
Sketch 1 Couple Layers of UV Paint
Sketch 2 Some More UV Paint & Some Flourescent Spray Paint
Adding In Some Sketches, Colored Pencil & Water Color

Finished Piece "Build N Destroy Part 1"
Finished Piece "Build N Destroy Part 1" in UV light

Freestyle Fridays Week #26

Someone gave me some Chinese Paper that is very porous. After thinking about it a while I decided to do a painting on it and let it bleed through to another sheet. I started my next painting with the “bleeder sheet” that was underneath. I added some watercolor and ink pen patterns to that. Last I started this character.. kind of felt like it came out of the paper.

First Sketch On Top Of Freestyle Frioday
Piece on pourous Chinese paper
Bleeder Sheet
Water color and Ink Pens
Final Piece "Painful Emergence"

Freestyle Fridays Week #25

Back with that “Yupo”, synthetic polypropylene paper. I added some water color and inks.  Then I let dry some and added some more ink. It was a bit over powering so I put some plastic wrap and let it sit over night. Still too much so I sopped it up with a paper towel and added another layer of ink and water color.

Adding some water color and inks
adding some green and plastic wrap
Week 25 Finished Piece "wash, rinse, repeat"

Freestyle Fridays Week #24

So I stopped by the Utrecht Store in Cranbury, NJ a few months ago. While I was there I picked up some of this new synthetic polypropylene paper. I had heard that it is all the rage in water color. So I picked some up and did a lil research. I finally picked it up this week and gave it a shot. It was an very interesting experience.  It is a plastic so it is very smooth and the water color lays on the top and swishes together. I am not sure how it would be to try and do something tight, but it was fun to blend and wash everything together. The first sketch had about 2 layers. The second about 2 more. I think I may have liked the earlier version better. It is what it is..

Week 24 sketch after 2 layers
Week 24 Finished Sketch "Lost in the Wash"

Freestyle Fridays Week #21

With the Black Light Show Coming Up Next Friday, I decided to do a black light piece for this weeks freestyle friday. I started out by adding  a few layers of Fluorescent Acrylic. Then adding all the solid outlines in acrylic paint markers. Next I misted some Fluorescent Spray paint on top. **When I put it under the black light I realized the misting minimized the previous outlines so I went back over some of them.

Adding Some Designs In Fluorescent Paint
Another Layer Of Fluorescent Paint
Week 21 Finished Piece "Fluorescent Raindrops"
Finished Piece Under A Black Light!

Freestyle Friday Week #20

This week I wanted to play with some patterns and overlays. I started with the sweeping banners, then added the alternating circle-diamonds and blocked out the rest of the design. I added the “green energy flow” on top  of everything. I added watercolor to give it some color and dimension. Then went back in with the ink and a lil’  bit of colored pencil.

Week 20 Sketch
Week 20 "Green Overflow"