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Freestyle Fridays Week #19

Started it off with a pen sketch. I Started with the Numbers 50 then added the top hat and cent mark. Worked on the face and skull together. It turned into a face/skull combo. Filled in main character with greens. Blended the background together with yellows, red, and orange for contrast. Finally I added all those red/orange patters in background.

First Pen Sketch in Green Red and Black
Finished Piece "2 Bit Hood"

Freestyle Fridays Week #17

This week I started with a line drawing in ink. Then I added layers of Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Inks, Gouache. On a separate paper I drew a character and some swirly accents in pen and ink and shaded  them with colored pencil. Last I took a box cutter and cut out the elements and glued them into the original piece..Ta Da!

Week 17 first sketch colored pens
Next Added Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Inks, Gouache
Week 17 Finished Piece "Freestyle Chique"

Freestyle Friday Week #16

This week I had an idea for my new signature character, so I said to myself my first attempt should be for this week’s Freestyle Friday. I started out doing washes and tags. I kept the basic shape in mind but I wanted a bunch of colors blended together. Then I sketched in the character and added designs with colored pencil and ink pens. Next, I took some white acrylic paint and “painted out” the background and areas I wanted to be white, 2 coats. Then I went back in with colored pencil, ink pens and water color to finish the designs. A “Rain Drop” was born!

Adding some color washes and tags
Sketched in Character
Painted Out the Background
Final Piece "Rain Drop"

Freestyle Friday Week #15

This week I had the basic sketch when I went to see my friend Anne to talk about re-painting her garage door. I wound up using the basic layout for the mural at the bottom of the page.

First Sketch Week #15
Filling in the colors
Finished Piece "Lost in the Sunshine 2.0"
"Lost in the Sunshine" was a repaint job/ graffiti cover up from 2003

Freestyle Fridays Week #13

This week I was working hard on some projects and I was unable to get the freestyle friday out on time. This week I wanted to introduce some cut paper. I wanted to ease into it so I only added one element. Started Out with some washes and splatters. Next I worked the background designs and tightened them up. Cut out the tree from the purple wash paper, glued and outlined it..finito!

Started Out with some washes
sketching in some designs
sketching in some designs
Week 13 Finished Sketch
Week 13 Finished Piece "Regrowth"