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Murals on Front 2018

For its fourth year, the Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series activated Mill Hill Park—an easily-accessible, underused park in the state capital’s historic downtown core—building upon the progress of the previous three years, spurring economic activity and community participation, giving people of all backgrounds a place to connect and enliven their community through free, live music.

I curated a great group of artists to repaint the panels on Front and Broad Street during the Levitt Amp Festival. Each week a different artist painted LIVE directly across from the concert series. We have several local artists as well as artists from Philly, NYC,  Delaware and Vermont.

Presented by the Trenton Downtown Association, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting economic growth and development as well as arts and cultural activities in the capital city.

5-day Art Challenge by Leon Rainbow

This 5 day artist challenge was originally took place February 2-6, 2015. Posted on facebook and instagram.


So I have been nominated to do this 5 day artist challenge by Ricardo Basilio Coke and Kortez Robinson…. so here goes the first post..I am going to theme by medium..Today I am going to post the art of body painting.. This one of my favorite body painting images love the shadow in the background. Did this shoot a few years back with photographer Nikki Riley model: Jerzee Continue reading 5-day Art Challenge by Leon Rainbow

Art All Night 2011

Black-light Graffiti Lounge

All 24 Hours

Trenton’s own Leon Rainbow and Rock Ya Body Artists along with Diffy Productions and Janets Weddings and Parties bring you the Black-light Graffiti Lounge.  Modeled after the Black-light graffiti show Leon did at Artworks this lounge will also feature Leon’s ever so popular “Graf on Girls.”  This time with an added bonus that everything will be painted in black-light reactive paint!  Come by and check out the models or get your own body paint done.  The installation will be available to check out during the full 24 hours of the festival with body painting taking place Saturday night shortly after nightfall.

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