Freestyle Fridays Week #5

So I decided to take this experimentation thing a bit farther and play around. First I taped the paper down (as I always do), but this time I decided to tear off small pieces of tape and put them on the piece so that later they will show the white paper when they are peeled up. Next I poured layers of  Teal, White, and Silver Ink onto the paper and made them run by blowing the wet ink with a drinking straw. Then I sketched the character with a black sharpie and added the triangular pattern to the face to blend in the new style I’m playing with. I really wanted the triangular  to break away into the splatters. I used Ink, Marker, and Acrylic Paint on this piece, called “Breakaway”.

Week 5 Stages 1 & 2
Week 5 Stages 1 & 2
Week 5 finished piece "Breakaway"
Week 5 Finished Piece "Break Away"
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