FUA KREW will be hosting the BBOY BBQ on August 6th, 2011.
This year the BBOY BBQ in Rochester will be bringing DJ TONY TOUCH on the one and twos. The event is free of charge and maintains its family friendly environment. It will be taking place at 914 North Clinton Ave., Rochester, New York. This year FUA KREW has been working diligently with multiple sponsors that will be making this event that much better. Make sure you come join us and take part of the raffles, music, graffiti, and Bboys and Bgirls doing their thing!
Also this year, on August 5th, 2011, FUA KREW will be hosting their exclusive art show. It will be held at 181 St. Paul Street, Room 3A,
Rochester, NY. The art will be up for sale and all proceeds will go towards next year’s event.
Come support your FUA KREW family!
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