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Freestyle Fridays Week #7

I have been meaning to do a sketch for a project for Home Front’s, “Visionary Walk” project. So after much deliberation and procrastination I decided to do it as part of a “Freestyle Friday”. I wanted to make it real dream-like and visionary. I went to Utrecht’s  Warehouse Art Store in Cranbury,NJ during the week and I found some iridescent water colors..How cool! I always find great deals at that spot! Below is the results of the experimentation!

This is the First Sketch I did the hands on top so I wanted to have them a different color.
This is the next phase everything is all filled in!
The finished piece "Visionary"

Freestyle Fridays Week #4

This Friday, I started by screwing around with this character and a ball point. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture at that point. I am really feeling the way it was coming out so I decided to take to the it to the next level and rock a wall in this new found style. I knew I had to paint on Tuesday for an interview so I kept the sketch in mind and freestyled the piece below.

This is the week #4 sketch about 75% finished
This is the completed piece " BBoy Blue"
This is the completed piece "BBoy Blue"
This is the wall that was inspired by the sketch, freestyle, 3hrs