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Freestyle Fridays Graffiti Paper Edition

Last Weekend I participated in the Estria Battle NYC, in Brooklyn. At the Battle we all got this Graffiti Paper from Cresent Paper. They also used it for the James Top Blackbook Competition. I met the rep and she was very cool. I have worked with many papers and I was a bit skeptical about using spray paint and markers on it. I also use water color so lets throw that in. When I cracked the paper I noticed it was very smooth. I did two test pieces the results are:

Watercolor and Ink Pens

(little bit of wrinkling normal with water color)

Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint

(took it like a champ some bubbling etc..from using different spray paints)

Finished Piece
Finished Piece adding oil and water based paint markers
Piece 2: Start off with Water color and Ink pens
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Added Some Spray Paint With Scrap Paint
Finished it off with Poscas and Painters
Finished it off with Poscas and Painters

The Graffiti Paper Passed with Flying Colors!! Took whatever and came back for more !!Great Product!!


Celebrate Grounds For Sculpture’s Birthday!
Live Painting a Car!
Will Kasso x Leon Rainbow!

It’s Grounds For Sculpture’s birthday bash! On Saturday,
June 5 from 11am to 4pm, we’re celebrating the founding of Grounds For Sculpture and
the arts in all their glory. We give you the gifts with hourly door prize drawings and free
ice cream and cake for the family! Are you curious about a particular sculpture in the
park? Bring your questions to our annual Meet the Artists program! Tour the Grounds
with select Artist-in-the-Park at 11am, 1pm and 2pm and this year, enjoy a new twist as
MM2 (Music & Motion Dance) perform improvisational dances in respect to each artist.

Also different and exciting this year, in conjunction with the Spring/Summer 2010
Exhibition Season, Grounds For Sculpture will paint a car! Gratuitous of a vehicle
donation by Suburban Wrench of Pennington, NJ, Grounds For Sculpture will conduct a very special demonstration as local graffiti artists Leon Rainbow and Will “Kasso”
Condry invoke the spirit of popular avant garde artist Keith Haring and the iconic
occasion in 1982 when Haring painted a BMW. Experience this unconventional art
piece come to colorful life in a modern day variation!

Free workshops for the family this day include a Monoprint Workshop from Noon to 4pm
and the Community Quilt Project from 1pm to 4pm. Free musical performances by an
eclectic group of local artists are kicked off by music and poetry performed by D.J.
Haslett on guitar and vocals and Artist-in-the-Park, Autin Wright on drums at 12pm, the
solid musicianship and precise harmonies of Acoustic Road at 1pm and one set of fun
and funk by local cover band, Solstice at 2pm. Our lively and energetic finale event is a
special dance performance by TEDI (Trenton Education Dance Institute) at 3:30pm.
You can also grab top prize if you win our annual Peacock Calling Contest!

For more information, please visit our website at www.groundsforsculpture.org.

Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010.

Time: 11am – 4pm.

Price: This event is free with paid park admission.

Freestyle Fridays Week #5

So I decided to take this experimentation thing a bit farther and play around. First I taped the paper down (as I always do), but this time I decided to tear off small pieces of tape and put them on the piece so that later they will show the white paper when they are peeled up. Next I poured layers of  Teal, White, and Silver Ink onto the paper and made them run by blowing the wet ink with a drinking straw. Then I sketched the character with a black sharpie and added the triangular pattern to the face to blend in the new style I’m playing with. I really wanted the triangular  to break away into the splatters. I used Ink, Marker, and Acrylic Paint on this piece, called “Breakaway”.

Week 5 Stages 1 & 2
Week 5 Stages 1 & 2
Week 5 finished piece "Breakaway"
Week 5 Finished Piece "Break Away"

State Theatre’s Hub City Carnivale

Great Video by Luv One!

Albus Cavus Artists: Luv One, Aja Washington, Will Kasso, and Leon Rainbow created these mural panels for the State Theatre’s Hub City Carnivale in New Brunswick, NJ. The video above shows how the murals were painted. The festival runs from January 28th to February 28th, 2010. Definitely don’t miss the family day on February 15th.Click Here For More Information about the event.

My completed piece!