Freestyle Fridays Week #27

This week I decided to flip what I did last week. Rather than start out abstract and work in  more figurative. This week I started with a colored pencil sketch and then worked in the watercolor washes.

Freestyle Fridays Week #26

Someone gave me some Chinese Paper that is very porous. After thinking about it a while I decided to do a painting on it and let it bleed through to another sheet. I started my next painting with the “bleeder sheet” that was underneath. I added some...

Freestyle Fridays Week #25

Back with that “Yupo”, synthetic polypropylene paper. I added some water color and inks.  Then I let dry some and added some more ink. It was a bit over powering so I put some plastic wrap and let it sit over night. Still too much so I sopped it up with a...

Freestyle Fridays Week #24

So I stopped by the Utrecht Store in Cranbury, NJ a few months ago. While I was there I picked up some of this new synthetic polypropylene paper. I had heard that it is all the rage in water color. So I picked some up and did a lil research. I finally picked it up...

Freestyle Fridays Week #23

This week I started out with some charcoal tags and colored pencil scribbles. Then I added the sketches of caps and the Ms Rain Drop character with Colored pencil. Last I came back with some ink pens and water color, detailed again with colored pencil.