Freestyle Fridays Week #22

This week I squeezed in with the prep of the black light show.First I dropped an ink sketch. Then added some crayola water color. Last I tightened it up with some ink pens and colored pencils.

Freestyle Fridays Week #21

With the Black Light Show Coming Up Next Friday, I decided to do a black light piece for this weeks freestyle friday. I started out by adding  a few layers of Fluorescent Acrylic. Then adding all the solid outlines in acrylic paint markers. Next I misted some...

Freestyle Friday Week #20

This week I wanted to play with some patterns and overlays. I started with the sweeping banners, then added the alternating circle-diamonds and blocked out the rest of the design. I added the “green energy flow” on top  of everything. I added watercolor to...

Freestyle Fridays Week #19

Started it off with a pen sketch. I Started with the Numbers 50 then added the top hat and cent mark. Worked on the face and skull together. It turned into a face/skull combo. Filled in main character with greens. Blended the background together with yellows, red, and...

Freestyle Fridays Week #18

This week’s first I sketched this out with ink pens, creating one character with circles. Then I run everything off of this. Next I added some more color with water color. The last part I blocked out some areas with gouache and added some more ink.